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In what was the most sexually charged example of antibiotic preparation and injection I’ve ever seen on screen, the Frasers managed to make plunging a giant needle into Claire’s backside a kinky form of foreplay.

Drunk on Yi Tien Cho’s sherry-heavy turtle soup and delirious from fever, Claire then proceeded to engage her husband the kind of pure sexual ecstasy – for both herself and the audience – “Outlander” has been lacking since “A.

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But there was no vaccination that was going to save her while she was marooned on a seemingly deserted Caribbean island (which turned out to be Hispaniola).

All Claire had to go on was the deep arsenal of survival skills she acquired under her Uncle Lambert’s tutelage, and they proved far more useful than anything she picked up at Harvard Medical School.

However, if she did, I would never hold it against her.

Malcolm.” Not that she would request a repeat occurrence of either a typhoid outbreak or a test of her survival skills, but given the level of heat she was creating on her own here, I’m pretty sure that Claire would agree this reward was worth all her dangerous adventures of late.

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