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Bebefit of consolidating land ontario

Marketing orders issued pursuant to the Act, and the rules issued thereunder, are unique in that they are brought about through group action of essentially small entities acting on their ovkoi behalf Thus, both statutes have small entity orientation and compatibilitv. SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: On December 3, 1993, the NWS published final regulations setting forth its internal procedures for certifying that there would be no degradation of services as a result of consolidating, automating, or relocating a field office during the initial stage of modernization (58 FR 64088). A basic purpose of the Act and the regulations is to ensure that, before phasing dotvo an old office, the NWS provides adequate assunnoe that the services proviided with the new technology, either tvitfa ttw WSR-88Ds at the new offices or with the ASOS units, will continue to be at least equal to existing services. 12612, and it has been determined that the proposed rulemaking does not have sufficient federalism implications to warrant the preparation of a Federalism Assessment. 1977, Reg September 30, 1993, Susp.; July 22, 1994. 421054 230334 230244 360497 280289 370236 ^^^,^,,„^, .ju, ,33o, ou! There are approximately 65 handlers regulated imder the marketing order each year and approximately 1,800 producers of Bartlett pears. These regulations www based on the provisions of the Weather Service Modernization Act. This assurance is provided through a certification that there will be no degradation of service as the result of "consolidating" the office (if it is operating a radar that will be replaced by one or more new WSR- 88D(s)) or "automating" the office (if it takes surface obsen'ations that will be replaced by an ASOS). 1994 / Rules and Regulations Federal Register / Vol. Environmental Assessment The Coast Guard has considered the environmental impact of this proposal consistent with Section 2. C of Commandant Instruction M16475.1B and actions to protect public safety have been determined to be categorically excluded from further environmental documentation. This proposal is not a significant regulatory action under section 3(f) of Executive Order 12866 and does not require an assessment of potential costs and benefits under section P(a)(3) of that order. June 24, 1983), this Program is excluded from the scope of Executive Order 12372 which requires intergovernmental consultation with State and local officials. Paperwork Reduction Act • This final rule does not contain reporting or recordkeeping requirements subject to approval by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) under the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1980 (44 U. This rule is intended tc have preemptive effect with respect to any State or local laws, regulations or policies which conflict with its provisions or which would otherwise impede its full implementation. Background On April 11, 1994, the Department published a proposed rule at 59 FR 17050. Title XIII of the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993, Pub. 103-66 (the Mickey Leland Childhood Hunger^ief Act) (the 1993 Leland Act). Comments were solicited on the provisions of the proposed rulemaking through June 10, 1994. Mc Kinney Homeless Housing Assistance Amendments Act of 1992. Thus, the Department encourages State agencies when " administering the exclusion to adopt a flexible definition of transitional housing so that clients participating in local housing programs meant to be transitional will not be denied the exclusion. The authority citation for 7 CFR Parts 272 and 273 continues to read as follows: Authority: -2032 PART 272— REQUIREMENTS FOR PARTICIPATING STATE AGENCIES 2. FE1XIA-76011 Suspension of Community Ettgibiiity AGENCY: Federal Emergency Management Agency. If the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) receives documentation that the community has adopted the required floodplain management measures prior to the effective suspension date given in this rule, the suspension will be withdrawn by publication in the Federal Register. In return, communities agree to adopt and .- administer local floodplain management aimed at protecting lives and new construction from future fkooding. These communities will not be suspended and will continue their eligibility for the sale of insurance. Regulatory Flexibility Act This final rule has been reviewed with regard to the requirements of the Regulatory Flexibility Act of 1980 (5 U. This rule is not intended to have retroactive effect unless so specified in the "effective date" paragraph of this preamble. Sectioi R3914 revised section 5(k)(2)(F) of the Food Stamp Ad of 1977, as amended. This final action addresses the commenters' concerns. Title XIV of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1992, Pub. No other comments were received on the provision of the proposed rule. In § 272.1, paragraph (g)(136) is added to read as follows: § 272.1 General terms and conditions. 346 regarding an income exclusion for homeless households living in transitional housing is effective and be implemented no later than September 1. Any variances resulting from implementation of the provisions of this amendment shall be excluded from error analysis for 120 days from this required implementation date in accordance with 7 CFR 275.12(d)(2)(vii). EFFECTIVE DATES: The effective date of each community's suspension is the third date ("Susp.") listed in the third column of the following tables. Division Director, Program Implementation Division, Mitigation Directorate, 500 C Street SW.. Section 1315 of the National Flood Insurance Act off 1968. A notice *vithdrawing the suspension of the communities will be published in the Federal Register. DUPLICATION OR RESALE WITHOUT PERMISSION IS PROHIBITED. Washington, 44324— i432H F^sticides: tolerances in food, .-iiinnal feeds, and raw agrit;ultural i;ommodifies: VJnyl pyrra! U»efhvlmelhae Superintendert of Documents Prices of new txx*s are listed in the first FEDERAL REGISTER issue of each week. - -- UNIVERSITY MICRUfl LMS -INTERNATIONAL, ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN V ( THIS PERIODICAL MIGHT BE COPYRIGHTED. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE Food and Nutrition Service 7 CFR Parts 272 and 273 [Amendment No. SUMMARY: This rule implements several legislative provisions from the Food, Agriiulture, Conservation, and Trade Act Amendments of 1991, the Mickey Leiand Childhood Hunger Relief Act of 1993, and the Food Stamp Program Improvements Act of 1994.

After the hearing the Secretary would rule on the petition. 94-21212 Filed 8-26-94; ami BILLING CODE S21(M)1-P DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration l5CFRPart94e [Docket No. 1993, the National Weather Service (NWS) published final rules esta Uishing its internal process ftsr certifying that there will be no degradation of weather services as a result of consolidating, automating, or relocating a field office during the first stage of the modemizatioa of the Weather Service. Anchoring, mooring, or transiting within this zone is prohibited, unless authorized by the Captain of the Port. Publishing a NPRM and delaying its effiective data would be contrary to the public interest since immediate action is needed to respond to potential hazards to the spedators involved. Johns River between the Hart and Main Street Bridges. 1994 / Rules and Regulations Fe Atral Register / Vof. Texas: Hardin County, unincorporated areas Region 1: Maine: Gardiner, city of, Kennebec County '..

IN WHICH CASE THE CONTENTS REMAIN THE PROPERTY OF THE COPYRIGHT OWNER. 166 Monday August 29, 1994 W IB S " B ■ ^ \ UMI .4-' Vyv«r of this issue. 350] RIN 0584-AB39 Food Stamp Program: Miscellaneous Provisions of the Food, Agriculturo, Conservation, and Trade Act Amendments of 1991 and Earned Income Tax Credit Amendment AGENCY: Food and Nutrition Servir^e. It finalizes provisions in a proposed rule published in the Federal Register on November 1. The provisions affect ciifegorii:eligibility of households receiving general assistance, monthly reporting and retrospective budgeting, and'oariied income tax credit resoun:e ex of the Act defines a tribalorganization as "the recognized governing body of on Indian tribe (including the tribslly ■ re«ognized intertribal otganization of su( h tribes), as the term "Indian tribe" 'is defined in the Indian Self- Determination Act tl)(iii)(D) to make it clear that State agencies are being giyen an option to add a new household'member in (he month the change is n^ported in a two-month .system (the processing month) or the first day of the issuance month following the month the report is received. ocat)on Region IV Florida: Oange C»f, city of, Volusia Counly Region V Ohio; Batavia.

THE MICROFORM EDITION IS REPRODUCED BY AGREEMENT WITH THE PUBLISHER. UMI I ^ THE PAPER AND INK USED IN THE ORIGINAL PUBLICATION MAY AFFECT THE QUALITY OF THE MICROFORM EDITION. If the State agency opt.s to add a new household member in the proijjssiitg month, a full supplement for that member shall be provided, rather than the prorated supplement specified in the Dei:ember 4, 1991. Accordingly, vvi»h the one change noted above, llie proposed revision of 7 CFR 273.21{fl(l)(iii)(D) is adopted as final.

Any variances resulting from implementation of the provisions of this amendment shall be excluded from Quality Control error analysis for 120 days from this required implementation date in accordance with 7 CFR 275.12(d K2)(vii). SUMMARY: This interim final rule authorizes expenses and establishes an assessment rate for the Northwest Fresh Bartlett Pear Marketing Committee (Committee) under Marketing Order No. Authorization of this budget enables the Committee to incur expenses that are ■ reasonable and necessary to administer the program. Comments received by September 28, 1994, will be considered prior to issuance of a final rule. Under section 8c(15)(A) of the Act, any handler subject to an order may file with the Secretary a petition stating that the .

Funds to administer the program are derived from assessments on handlers. ADDRESSES: Interested persons are invited to submit written comments concerning this action. order, any provision of the order, or any obligation imposed in connection with the order is not in accordance with law and requesting a modification of the order or to-be exempted therefrom. 94-21143 Filed &-26-94; am) BNJJN6 COOC 4919-14-M 33 CFR Part 165 [COTP Jacksonville Regulation 94-089] RIN^211$-AA97 Safety Zone Regulations; SL Johns River, Jacksonville, FL AGENCY: Coast Guard, DOT. SU1MMARY: The Coast Guard is establishing a safety zone on the St. The safety zone is needed to protect boaters from the hazards associated with the Greater Jacksonville t Dffshore Grand Prix power boat time trials. .^u R,^t 29, 7994 / Rules and Regubtkms 44335 State/locatton Community No. Norman County 430284 230068 230069 270323 270325 270322 270326 270327 ....:, _ : July 18, 1994 Suspension Withdrawn .....: ..„ .....: ;..,' ..,..Do. Do Hendrum, city of, ^^or^nan County do Do Norman County, unincorporated areas Perley.


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