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Desperate to escape, she dressed up as a boy, and her days at Himeji Gakuen began. Because I'd love to hear your feedback, the first 5 people who leaves a comment here on your thoughts about the game and which character you liked the most (or which is your favourite based on first impressions), will get a personalized email from a character of your choice (excluding Hiro, because... The reference to the Dewey Decimal Classification System was made because I used to be a librarian in the past and I was pretty hyped up to be able to find something to use it for. Nine Rigin is actually a reference to “9rigin”, the programmer for the Starlight Dreamers 2014 version and also one of my close friends who actually got me started in the visual novel making world. “If I don’t have a reason for living, it’s worse than not being born at all.” When you use Akio’s command 30 times. Hiro’s birthday – 6th December is actually a reference to my real birthdate. “Inaba’s Rise to Fame: The True Story” is actually a reference to “Inaba Yap”, one of my close friends who has been following me since the very beginning of my visual novel making journey and has given me a lot of support so far, helping me to beta-test all of my games. The aquarium in Shinagawa that Masao and Ren takes Hiro to during her birthday is actually an aquarium that exists in real life. Akio actually gets a quick cameo in “Never Ending Plains”, a song in the karaoke.

well, that would be kind of weird.) If you'd like to join this giveaway, just state that you would like to do so in the comments and PM me with (1) a name that you would like to be addressed by (2) who you would like to receive it from (3) your email address (4) optional: your gender/some information about yourself I'm looking forward to any sort of responses!! “Taken’s Killer” is also a reference to the same person, Taken being another one of his nicknames. The names that Kouta lists are actually references to different types of learning styles, I think. That quote is actually heavily inspired by Haku from Naruto. Please do let me know if you're unhappy with how I credited you or if I made an error in the credits or if you'd like to change how your name appears in the credits.

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Not only that, it spans an entire year (well, 9 months to be exact, but that's close enough) and you have 4 different stats to raise, more than 10 different characters (but only 2 have proper endings - although there are different variants, with one secret character), 9 different jobs to choose from, character birthdays - including your own, a track team to join - with competitions on every first Saturday of the month(!He is the only character that has a bad end specific for his route (with 2 major variants and a couple of minor variants on how you can achieve it).Nori's character was heavily inspired by my melancholy thoughts about the world when I was in dark times, so his route is filled with dark philosophical elements like how the world is filled with hypocrites, how everyone always puts on a mask to blend in and if life is so painful, then is it really worth living? His route is slightly based on my journey as I fell into a low point in my life (if you're interested in how I was feeling then, please check out a short personal kinetic novel that I wrote when I was in my darkest point; To Fly, written to raise awareness on mental illnesses, link: viewtopic.php? His ending is quite open-ended, with a hopeful note, to try and make it as realistic as possible because his situation isn't one that he can just magically recover overnight because of some special words from a friend.Starlight Dreamers is now available on Google Play here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/dev? 9197431597 To everyone who has already downloaded the game, I have uploaded a new version "Starlight-Dreamers-v1.1-all.zip" in the download link that has been bug-proofed (at least there shouldn't be any major bugs that will hinder you from getting any endings) and corrected of some typos and image location errors.As an apology, I have also included a new Guide that should be able to help you achieve 100% for Nori, Masao, Masao & Ren [and Unknown's ending] in one playthrough.Enough ranting, let's get on with the juicy parts!!Starlight Dreamers is about a girl named Matsui Hiro.It'd be really helpful if possible Can confirm, Masao is my fave! So I'll have to play both and see which I prefer Might be close.His route involves various aspects of insanity and to some extent, psychiatric illnesses.Sounds like you're in for a hectic year, doesn't it?With so many characters (well, not really, I guess?


  1. High school girl simulator game "Student Council Simulator"Let's face the problem of the school as a student committee member.□ What is "Student Council.

  2. Best Student Council is a manga series that began in February 2005. It was quickly adapted into an anime television series produced by Konami and J. C. Staff which originally aired on TV Tokyo from April to September 2005. A PS2 dating sim game of the same name based on the anime was also.

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