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Not everything over there is fully functional yet, and the internal links still point to this blog, and will for the indefinite future.', then joked: 'I have to admit that I forgot to bring my lederhosen but I'm going to see if I can buy some while I'm here.' Mr Obama said: 'This morning as we celebrate one of the strongest alliances the world has ever known, my message to the German people is simple: We are grateful for your friendship, for your leadership.After arriving in Krün today, Mr Obama greeted the crowd in German, saying, 'Grüss Gott!The app does an exceptional job at letting you pick various ways you want to be notified.

There have been 3 episodes thus far, and all 3 of them have inspired me to take elements/motifs and apply them to my home. And the point is also to hint that DH and I are beginning to start working on the breakfast nook and our master bedroom.

The app lets you set whether you want to capture all of the motion within the frame or just a part of it.

I used it to track motion in a specific part of my workplace: CNET colleague Rafe Needleman's office door.

They also provide before/after shots in case you want to over analyze every single little detail so you can copy it in your home. In episode one, she revamps a couple’s living/dining areas. I must, must, must have those ikat curtains or something like them in my breakfast nook. In the back and sides of the fireplace she added mirrors so the light was reflected twice, and there’s a glass screen in front of the candles to keep the couple’s child safe. However, it’s episode 2 that stole my heart and most of my sanity.

There are a few details I am obsessing over wanting to incorporate into our breakfast nook, which looked like this when the previous owner lived here: It now sits empty, but we do have new windows. I’ve been simply obsessing over it since I saw it last weekend.


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