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I immediately had my debit card, associated with my account, turned off.

Once I was able to get a new card, issued by my bank, I had my PS Network account reinstated and I applied my new debit card to my account.

They're a cheap company and all they care about is money not the gamer. I bought a Sony Pro System and see no speed increase at all even over the PS3... All the information was gone on the accounts most used.

XBOX not much better but their updates are way faster than Sony's slow speed. Come to find out plus would need to be on all other accounts used on the Play Station in order for the information not to be lost.

I was not given that information prior, even though they could see that Plus was only on one account. Back in February I had my Play Station Network account compromised with a few unauthorized purchases made.

Calling them back to see what could be done about it I was told nothing could be done and to write a letter to corporate to complain. I was very please to find out that Sony was on top of their game and recognized the fraudulent charges, froze my account, and immediately refunded my money.

I called Play Station customer service to get these charged credited as I clearly had not used this service at all.

They told me that they would only give me one month back. As a long time Play Station customer, I feel extremely jaded.

They chose to put re-occurring charges on my account and proceeded to take advantage of me when I was getting a gift for my son. This speaks to the lack of integrity they have as a company.I started getting errors stating my card information was not correct.I've read all the forums, I understand that the slightest little mistake and even capitalization matters when something like this happens.I triple checked all my info (account info and payment/wallet info) to ensure everything was correct, matching, and all capitalization matched as well.I called Play Station Network Customer service and over the course of 2 days and over 2 hours on the phone troubleshooting with them and my bank (which my bank had everything clear on their end), I find out that because my account was compromised, Sony Play Station Network can no longer accept any form of payment from my bank account again! It isn't my fault some low life hacker got into my account! The first person told me that with Play Station Plus no information would be lost, as at that time VC for NBA 2k18 had been purchased and my husband just completed a game the day before. which does nothing because game companies don't want to put bucks into using quad cores. Only thing faster on the PS4s is that you can get into the store faster to spend your money. We decided to call and figure out what would happen if we did the system reset and if there was a way around it.Customisez votre Graffy stick Chat selon vos envies à l'aide de feutres, peintures, paillettes, crayons de couleurs…Papier dessin contrecollé sur du carton. Découvrez le pas à pas Masque graffy stick chat, étape par étape.When you buy games made by Sony they always cancel online support even though many people still play the games. We wiped the system and the re-downloaded the games.Since then I have not attempted to make any new purchases from my PS network account.Recently I tried to make a purchase on the Play Station Network, with the new debit card.


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  4. Sony of Canada Ltd. Head Office 2235 Shepard Avenue East, Suite 700. Toronto, ON M2J 5B5 Main Telephone 416 499-1414. Main Fax 416 497-1774.

  5. Customisez votre Graffy stick Chat selon vos envies à l'aide de feutres, peintures, paillettes, crayons de couleurs Papier dessin contrecollé sur du carton.

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