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Shaping that foundation is critical, here are two helpful questions we should ask ourselves before a relationship spontaneously begins to grow.If the person you are dating seems to be going in a different direction than you in any regard, time can pass in the beginning where you are able to ignore it, but as the differences become more obvious or glaring, eventually the tension begins to dramatically increase. When you are dating someone, this is one of the first things you want to consider.If you do, you’ll be laying the right kind of building blocks that shape a foundation, bringing honor to the Lord. After 20 years in the profession of helping people, I have come to understand something: we cause much of our pain by the people we choose.In every kind of clinical issue that psychologists deal with, relationships are a big part of the picture in some way.

Our three enemies: the world, the sinful nature or “flesh,” and the Devil, can easily gain a foothold and influence our decision making in a negative way.And the further apart you are when the breakup happens, the more painful it will be because you’ve been together longer. You’ll avoid a lot of future pain if you’re honest enough to address the potential relationship-ending issues now rather than later.Of course, this is especially important in the spiritual aspect of your relationship.We can learn a great deal from each other if, over time, we discover how we have lived, what God has done in our lives, and what we have learned.For printing purposes, I chose 25 of those Questions into a free printable that you may download, print, and use in your own mentoring relationships.I have known and talked with many people who have compromised and decided to settle for someone who just isn’t on the same level as they are in their walk with God, and time and time again, it has been a recipe for a relationship disaster.Sadly, Christians are consistently guilty of compromise in this area.Men should be asked if they are leading their girlfriend toward Jesus, and serving her sacrificially.Women should be asked if they are pointing their boyfriend toward Christ, and encouraging him to be in love with his Savior.Regardless of the situation, when a Christian compromises, and settles for someone who doesn’t have a passion for Jesus, tough spiritual times lay ahead.If they are going in opposite spiritual directions, it can be very harmful/hurtful to both parties involved if it’s not addressed early on.


  1. Oct 24, 2008. Here's a handy list of 21 top dating questions that you can ask others. his or her values money, adventure, their Christian walk, education, etc.

  2. Questions to Ask Yourself About Someone You Might Date. Can he describe a specific time or era during which he received Christ's gift of eternal life?

  3. Feb 14, 2015. The Bible commands Christians to marry “in the Lord,” that is, to marry other Christians 1 Corinthians ; 2 Corinthians. But in a day.

  4. Jul 1, 2016. Shaping that foundation is critical, here are two helpful questions we should ask ourselves before a relationship spontaneously begins to grow.

  5. Dec 5, 2017. 50 Questions to Ask Before Falling in Love - Bethany Baird - Read about Christian dating and get advice, help and resources on Christian.

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