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Last month, Danny Brown and Kitty Pryde put on a brilliant, weird, and unforgettable concert at Eclectic.Before the show, we asked if we could interview them together and they were kind enough to agree to it.Maya: Yes, I think this is key–especially, as Kitty points out, in terms of constraining Danny’s options for reacting during the assault.“Guys pushing girls is not a good look when people are taking photos,” but especially black men pushing white girls.Although I feel like Kitty would probably agree with that? Alexandra: That’s fair, but I think without an explicit acknowledgement of that we risk providing MRA fuel–though yes, she definitely recognizes that the nuance of the power dynamics at play.And the races of Danny and his assailant, of course, add a whole other dimension. White women are stereotyped as innocent, and black men as sexually voracious, so the assault doesn’t fit any of the predetermined narratives to which we, as a society, are so deeply committed.Obviously a woman was in the wrong here, but it seemed like she’s arguing that ladies have some sort of privilege–to fight back, to claim victimhood–like a ‘reverse sexism.’ Men, as we were saying, are hurt by gendered expectations, and often in different ways than women are–but it’s the same sexism, the same patriarchy that constrains everyone.

I’m grateful to Kitty for bringing this issue forward, and hope Brown’s able to find the time and support he needs. Oh, and I think it goes without saying, but apparently it needs to be said: I hope people stop sexually assaulting their favorite musicians.

First we asked the two of them a bunch of questions—some silly, some serious.

Next we brought out Anthony Fantano, the Internet’s busiest music nerd, whom many saw lecture at Wes the week before as part of WESU’s Lecture Series.

Alexandra: I think that’s what I find so powerful about Kitty’s piece–this idea of “disqualifiers” from survivorhood. I’m part of this online survivor community and so many people are really weighed down by the strikes against them: that they were dating their attacker, that they’d slept with him or her before, that they’re black, that they’re queer.

Of course, none of these factors excuse violence, but you can be smart advocate and still be sensitive to the ways your narrative deviates from the standard, “correct” story you’ve internalized.


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