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Dating ibanez jems

- The only thing I have to try tonight on my JEM is the hair scrunchy behind the nut...maybe floating trems aren't for you.i love them- i need them- but they cause lots of trouble.

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OH and last 12- Jam some tissue in the back cavity where the springs are then cover it up with the plate- that might help.

I have a big problem with the Ibanez JEM 7V I bought less than one year ago.

While I needed to use some sustained notes for a solo around the 15th and 17th fret on my G string a week ago, I noticed a weird noise ! v=ZAmkwapd ABY So I removed my ME-70 and plugged my guitar directly to my mesa boogie road king head. So I took my little VT30 to see if the amp was involved, but exactly the same noise I went back to the dealer's store (really professional one) to check if the other guitars were doing it, and some of the good ones (LAG, gibson etc...) were doing it but really less obviously so it's acceptable.

strum the strings and feel how heavey the guitar headstock vibrates on the tip of the headstock- so strum hard with one hand and feel the vibrations with the other at the tip of the headstock- i guarentee out of 20 jems you'll find one that vibrates the hardest and the ringing and sustain in the guitar is so good it blows away the rest- because it goes through the body and neck and sounds amazing.

3- EVOLUTION pickups aren't great in every guitarists hand 4- you may be pressing the g string down too hard- contributing to some of the warble 5- your pickups are probably too damn high- and the magnets are screwing with the strings 6- A floating trem does have some give up and down- and can cause something like this 7- intonation sounds bad- this may help the guitar resonate better 8- maybe your neck pocket needs a shim so the strings hit the nut and bridge at a better angle 9- if Ibanez or a dealer offered to exhange the guitar for a new one- do it- but be very particular about the new one- do what i said above- and if possible pick one out of 10000 guitars.


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