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Dating kaolin pipe stem holes

Both of these methods are accurate, however they are very expensive.

Ground surface is not the only place archaeologists’ look to find artifacts.

What may look like rubble of an old building could be the foundation of an old building perfect for an archaeological dig.

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Greek settlers interwove with the Taurians allowing trade to become easy and extensive. Crimea would be an example of a good site for excavation of subterranean artifacts.Artifacts buried beneath the ground will conduct shockwaves faster than the surrounding ash.A ground-penetrating radar can determine the stratigraphy of an area.Excavation is the process of finding sites that may contain artifacts. There are many steps and procedures that have to be followed in order to excavate a sight professionally.Once an artifact is found it has to be identified, labeled, and cataloged.Satellite sensory known as LANDSAT CAN also help in the search for hidden geographic features.From the ground, a seismograph can detect shockwaves in the earth.Location of a Site Finding a location is the most important way to begin and archaeological dig.Many sites are fairly easy to find because there are monumental.This technology is being used extensively torward the study of the Titanic, as along with many other shipwrecks.The surrounding waters of the Greek Isles are rich with artifacts from the ancient Greek and ROMAN Civilizations.


  1. Feel the very small hole in the middle of the neck. Run your fingertips from. Archaeologists can use the bore and width of the pipe stem to date it. Perhaps the.

  2. Pipestem Dating. Spinning a stick between the hands, eventually drilling into the pipe made the hole. Porcelain is made out of special clay called Kaolin.

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