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Dating older vs younger women

He now works as a personal trainer, and the couple lives in Portland, Ore.

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Actress Gabrielle Union, 44, and her husband, Chicago Bulls player Dwyane Wade, 35, are often lauded as a power couple. “Older successful men are used to being in control of a woman, and that doesn’t sit well with modern women,” says Susan Winter, co-author of the book “Older Women, Younger Men: New Options for Love and Romance.” “Younger men have grown up with working women and have worked for female bosses, so they’re more likely to treat women equally.” Some in these relationships agree.

“With some women I dated, they wanted to play games, but Jennifer always communicated that she wanted something real,” Angal says.

“I always knew where I stood with her.” Soon after they met, he cleaned up his act and left the entertainment industry.

“Everybody thought this was a little phase, that I was just having a crisis.” But friends and family came around to accepting the couple after they’d been dating for a year and it became clear that Sutherland had serious intentions.

In April 2010, they had an intimate beachside wedding in Hawaii, and they now have a 6-year-old son, Marek.


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  2. It's pretty common for men to date younger women – which is exactly why dating older women is so enjoyable. It's flattering for an older woman when a guy.

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