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Dating omega psi phi man

The only difference is that they now have 3 letters across their chest.Both Greeks and non Greeks (the ones I know and have affiliated myself with) have problems with commitment especially while still in college or immediately after crossing.

Either he didn't understand or he was flat out jealous (he wanted to be greek but didn't have the grades).I guess it's one of those things were you have to weigh the pros and cons of the situation... Siobhan I am non-greek, but my last boyfriend was a member of Kappa Alpha Psi and to be honest I couldn't handle it. I *had* to keep in mind that *HE WAS A NUPE BEFORE ME AND HE WILL BE A NUPE AFTER ME* so, I tried to chill. To this day I am not sure if I made the wrong or right choice.If It wasn't women hanging all over him it was parties, if it wasn't the parties, it was his job. So All I have to say is Differnt strokes for Different Folks.Zeta Ace I can't speak for all "greek men" but MINE, and he is (like tony the tiger says)grrrreat!!!He wasn't immature before he became a Kappa but there is a big difference in his persona now than then.I don't think it will make a difference, it's the relative maturity of the two people in the relationship that can make or break it.And yes, often times affiliations can make a person more mature (or vice versa! My personal experience is an (im)perfect example: a relationship with a greek guy did not work well (among other things, he looked down on my own greek involvement..that make sense??? The guy I'm dating now is not greek (though he has just as serious committments to an Order he belongs to), but a delightful, supportive young man. have never dated a greek man, before or after I became greek.I also found it interesting that when I wasn't doing anything with the Sorors, he was always out with his friends and they would come to me saying how he was complaining that we didn't spend enough time together.It wasn't like he didn't know well in advance that I'd be in a meeting.I suppose if you date someone in the Greek system there is that advantage that he will understand your reasons for being in a sorority, etc.However I have met some real slimey fraternity boys in my day and pass them over for a GDI no prob I didn't want him to chose between 2 things he loves so I decided for him; I left him.


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  2. Omega Psi Phi's very own Steve Harvey, is a man with a wealth of advice. Many have watched his show “Family Feud” but do not know that Steve spends a few.

  3. Dr. Daniel B. Taylor bow tie standing next to Omega Founder Dr. Oscar J. Cooper, during Mu Omega's Frat House Mortgage Burning Celebration in 1962.

  4. The Omegas at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas recently crossed their Spring 2017 line and we have the video. The brothers teamed up with Nightfall.

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