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catalogue listed as "the latest thing in specialised TARGET RIFLES ", unfortunately the catalogue in which it appears is undated. The "Olympic" being possibly the first of the heavy barrelled TARGET RIFLES .

8, 10, 10a etc., as well as the Greener, and there is a mention of the "Olympic model" made by Greener for the Miniature Ammunition Manufacturing Co., of Pall Mall.

In May and June 2004, Weise tried twice to commit suicide and was briefly hospitalized.

He was under treatment for depression, and had been prescribed Prozac as an anti-depressant.

His case revived the public discussion about the use of Prozac for children and adolescents; the US Food and Drug Administration had published a warning about it in October 2004 as a factor in increased suicides and violence among youths.

an unmarried Ojibwe couple from the Red Lake Indian Reservation in Red Lake, Minnesota.

was apparently "a well-known shot", (so well known that the book does not give his name). All the researched information would suggest the Model 12's introduction date to be at some point during 1911 or early 1912, and it is presumably coincidence that the model number and date seem the same. ~ 1) - the chequering on the fore-end covers a larger area and is much finer. Divide your own rifle's serial number by 3,000, add the figure to 1912, and you may have the approximate year of manufacture; no guarantee though.

Gone were the cocking indicator, deep fore-end and No's. The chequering panel was a little smaller, but the chequering its self was not as fine as on the earlier rifles. Anschutz and most other manufacturers now mirror the latter design. One particular point of interest is that the Winchester model 52 'bull-gun' had by then increased in price to a startling £38-10-0. Model No.12 must have achieved one of the longest running production periods for any target rifle, and has been given a new lease of life in the various historic & classic competitions that are now growing in popularity.

It has only one lug or ear on the bottom of the element, unlike the Parker-Hale Models 2 or 22, which have one lug on each side. 2, 20, & 22 sights were dove-tailed into the barrel itself.

It was fitted with a deep fore-end, the chequering on which covered a large area and was fairly course. The 12b was as the 12a, but fitted with a 6 hole eyepiece at an inclusive price of £6-7s-6d. The actual movement of the body, in clamping the barrel thread, is so small that any fatigue in the metal is miniscule.

The slot, like a key-way, which can be seen cut into the top of the breeching thread, is simply to assist in the flexing of the closure of the clamping action.


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