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An unbreakable bond between two people is so special that those of us who have yet to experience it feel left out, alone and often times bitter.Although love will eventually find its way to us in the form of the incredible person we have always hoped for, some of us aren’t patient enough to wait for that.What's more to love than a person who you can let your guard down with and can always rely on through the good times and the bad?Love is an extraordinary feeling, so it's understandable that we spend a great deal of our lives hoping, searching and wishing for it.The Japanese word for "thumb" literally translates as "parent-finger.".Hiding it is considered protection for one's parents. 7, when pronounced with "shichi", sounds similar to the number four (四 shi).It is said that if an eyelash falls out, you should put it on the back of one of your hands, make a wish and throw it over your shoulder.If it flies off the hand, your wish will be granted.

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If a funeral hearse drives past, one must hide their thumbs in a fist.

Who knew an eyelash falling out had some sort of huge significance?

Here I thought it was just because I was using harsh mascara.

A significant portion of Japanese superstition is related to language.

Numbers and objects that have names that are homophones for words such as "death" and "suffering" are typically considered unlucky.


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