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Depreciation updating of values has errors

Pricing Under Perfect Competition, Pricing Under Monopoly, Control of Monopoly, Price Discrimination, Pricing Under Monopolistic Competition, Pricing Under Oligopoly.Unit 1 Meaning and Scope of Accounting: Need for Accounting, Development of Accounting, Definition and Functions of Accounting, Limitation of Accounting, Book Keeping and Accounting, Is Accounting Science or Art?As it is an application oriented course so derivation/ proofs can be omitted.Questions based on concept, understanding & application of some results/definitions to a particular situation are to be set.Introduction: Concept, nature, process and significance of management; Managerial levels, skills, functions and roles; Management Vs.Administration; Coordination as essence of management; Development of management thought classical, neo-classical, behavioral, systems and contingency approaches.Sampling : Introduction; Census and Sampling method; Basis of sampling; Essentials of sampling; Methods of sampling; Simple random sampling; Restricted random sampling; Stratified sampling; Systematic sampling; Multistage sampling; Merits and limitation of sampling; Sampling and non sampling errors; Reliability of samples. Concept; Addition and multiplication theorems of probability; conditional probability & independent events; Bayes theorem; Expected Values.

:) Do..while, while and for loop , Goto statement , Advantages and disadvantages.Concept of Cost, Cost Function, Short Run Cost, Long Run Cost, Economics and Diseconomies of Scale.Explicit Cost and Implicit Cost, Private and Social Cost.The student also learns the conventional system analysis & design methodology. Purch RFQLine Map ( Request for quotation lines 4 ) Bank Group ( Bank groups 5 ) RFIDProcess Structure Tmp ( RFID process structure 6 ) Bank Account Table ( Bank accounts 7 ) Bank Account Trans ( Bank transactions 8 ) Bank Cheque Layout ( Check layout 9 ) Bank Cheque Table ( Check table 10 ) Bank Deposit ( Bank deposit 11 ) Bank Trans Type ( Bank transaction type 12 ) BOM ( BOM lines 18 ) BOMCalc Table ( Calculation 19 ) BOMCalc Trans ( BOM calculation transactions 20 ) BOMConfig Route ( Configuration route 21 ) BOMConfig Rule ( Configuration rules 22 ) BOMMap ( BOM lines 23 ) BOMParameters ( BOM parameters 24 ) Budget Tmp Control Statistics ( Budget control statistics 25 ) BOMTable ( Bills of materials 26 ) BOMVersion ( BOM versions 27 ) Budget Map ( Budget map 28 ) Budget Model ( Budget models 29 ) Budget Model Map ( Budget model map 30 ) Intrastat Transaction Code ( Transaction codes 31 ) Business Statistics Data ( Business statistics lines 32 ) Business Statistics Def ( Business statistics 33 ) Cash Disc ( Cash discount 34 ) Commission Calc ( Commission rates 35 ) Commission Customer Group ( Commission customer group 36 ) Commission Item Group ( Commission item group 37 ) Commission Sales Group ( Commission sales group 38 ) Commission Sales Rep ( Commission sales rep., End User of Accounting Information, Accounting and other Disciplines, Role of Accountant, Branches of Accounting, Difference between Management Accounting and Financial Accounting, Objectives of Accounting.Unit 3 Capital and Revenue: Classification of Income, Classification of Expenditure, Classification of Receipts, Difference between Capital Expenditure & Capitalized Expenditure, Revenue Recognition.Constructors and destructors; Copy constructor; Static class member, friend functions; Operator Overloading; Overloading unary and binary operator; Data and type conversions; Inheritance and polymorphism: PREAMBLE: The course aims at providing an insight into the various characteristics associated with the Software & software engineering.It also acquaints the student with the software development models as the basis for adoption in software projects.Accounting Concept of Income: Concept of Income, Accounting Concepts and Income Measurement, Expired Coast & Income Measurement, Relation Principle and Income Measurement, Accountants and Economists Concept of Capital Unit 4 Inventory Valuation: Meaning of Inventory, Objectives of Inventory Valuation, Inventory Systems, Methods of Valuation of Inventories, Accounting Standard 2 (Revised): Valuation of Inventories.Depreciation Provisions and Reserves: Concept of Deprecation, Causes of Depreciation, Basic Features of Depreciation, Meaning of Depreciation Accounting, Objectives of Providing Depreciation, Fixation of Depreciation Amount, Method of Recording Depreciation, Methods of Providing Depreciation, Depreciation Policy, AS-6 (Revised) Depreciation Accounting, Provisions and Reserves.


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