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This fantasy-fueling lunation can also help you surrender to a true romance.

For serenity’s sake, stay committed to your health resolutions.

transitional month for many Libras, but delib- erate thoroughly before deciding if you should stay or go.

On the 3rd, liberated Uranus opposes freedom-loving Jupiter, which could jailbreak you from a suffocating contract— or relationship.

In between these world-changing missions, your romantic life gets a huge reboot as six planets traverse your amorous fifth house.

One will be retro- grade Venus, from the 4th until April 12th, which could stoke embers with an old flame— or scratch an unhealed relationship wound.

Avoid rash moves; the new moon on the 27th illuminates loving resolutions.

With go-getter Mars blasting into your career zone on the 9th, there will be opportunities to ascend the ladder and win the respect of industry influencers.But draw your party lines carefully: On the 4th, Venus embarks on a six-week retro- grade, reminding you of the importance of true friendship.Career strides will be major before the 20th, so lean in to your professional prog- ress and stay focused.Cupid, however, could send confusing signals on the 3rd and the 30th.Dropping your guard— and courageously cop- ping to your feelings— is the way to get straight answers from the one you adore.But don’t invite trouble back into your bed once Venus turns retrograde on the 4th. Necessity is the mother of invention near the 3rd and 30th, when Jupiter’s connection to Uranus and Pluto revs up your enterprising spirit— along with some profitable plans.On the 12th, 2017 ’s only full moon in Virgo spotlights your individ- ual achievements. ^ LIBRA (SEPT 23-OCT 22) March will be a I GEMINI (MAY 21-JUNE 21) On the 2nd, an illusion-shattering merger of the Sun and Nep- tune helps you gain insider status with an elite coterie.But with your ruler, Venus, retro- grade from the 4th to April 12th, negotiating new terms is wiser than starting fresh.If it’s time to move on, the 12th ’s full moon lights the exit ramp.Tit VIRGO (AUG 23-SEPT 22) With planets puls- ing through your partnership zones all month, your urge to merge will be unquenchable.Drop the pleasantries and be vulnerable: You’ll magnetize a multidimensional mate— or expo- nentially deepen an existing bond.


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