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Double your dating the reference manual for how

AUTOCOMMIT is an option that can be set in a SET TRANSACTION statement.

Trafodion SQL provides concurrent database access for most operations and controls database access through concurrency control and the mechanism for opening and closing tables.

Sometimes an error occurs that requires the user-defined transaction to be aborted.

Trafodion SQL will automatically abort the transaction and return an error indicating that the transaction was rolled back.

DDL statements are not currently supported in transactions.

That means that you cannot run this statement inside a user-defined transaction (BEGIN WORK…COMMIT WORK) or when AUTOCOMMIT is OFF.


  1. May 24, 2012. Date on which the monitored drug is dispensed. to the NMS in accordance with this Pharmacy Reference Manual. Please refer to your Pharmacy Software Vendor's PSV manual for. MH - May be Double Doctoring.

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