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I’ve written about it a handful of times before and am always so tickled by how many people keep up with our mother-son adventures.Mississippi is obligated to empower CPS with the resources needed to do its job.That means putting measures in place to ensure people can’t use their services as means to attack innocent families.It is one thing to come after me, a grown adult woman who enthusiastically signed up for a career that comes with a large amount of exposure and criticism. What upsets me more is the idea of anyone using an agency designed to protect Mississippi’s most vulnerable children as a weapon to take someone down for no legitimate reason.Time and resources that should have been spent on children and families who genuinely need it were instead dedicated to a tweet, and all because someone out there probably got bent out of shape that I don’t see the world the way he does.About the United Kingdom: Outside the UK many people think the United Kingdom is the same as England and the only city that comes to mind is London.Well there are many great cities in the UK like Edinburgh, Birmingham, Glasgow, Sheffield and many more. Woman: I got ure name frm the member search, i am kinda bored and lookin for new friends to talk too. Guy: I've heard a lot of good thins about Overwatch. It also means making sure there are clear, enforceable consequences for those who do.Alex Mc Daniel is the director of content and audience development for Magnolia State Live.


  1. This time last week, I was the subject of a human trafficking investigation. There’s no punchline. This was real life. The saga began when a caseworker and supervisor from Child Protection Services dropped by my office with a Lafayette County sheriff’s deputy.

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