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I haven’t yet told him what is going to happen I want it to be a surprise. Dale is well aware something is going to happen at some point today, butt he has no idea what. Going back downstairs, I grab one of the dining room chairs before going back up into the bedroom. ” “How the hell am I supposed to say no, seeing you like this? His eyes stop at my chest, where my breasts are peaking out a little too much. John isn’t as tall as Dale, but he still stands tops at over six feet. I’ve been so horny all day,” I whine and moan, followed by a giggle. That is when Dale notices something, or someone, is here. When he is happy with my tightness, he leans in and licks me through my knickers. John releases my knickers for a moment, only to yank them hard back up, pressing harshly against my clit. He hands them to me, where I take them and fling them towards Dale. Opening my lips with his fingertips, his tongue is hot and erotic against my swollen clit, which is aching for him. My first orgasm is strong, I grip the sheets so hard my knuckles turn white. His fingers find their way inside me, fucking me without mercy. He begins to writhe, twisting slightly, holding back his need to orgasm. He slowly begins to rock his hips, letting the head press in and probe me gently. I start to moan, watching him and with what John is doing to me.

I’ve randomly surprised him like this before, adding new dimensions to our sex life that he has enjoyed. I think to myself that I might need to invest on a good proper chair for the upstairs. His build is a tad bit rounder than Dale, but with thick, broad shoulders. His blonde hair is strikingly beautiful, complimenting his brilliant blue eyes. A girl could get lost in them if she isn't careful. “I’m pretty sure that makes three of us, doll,” John smiles. His tongue lapping at my clit, through the thin fabric. Swirling, darting, lapping at my clit and pussy, he suckles delightfully at my soaking snatch. I quiver, sending myself into outer space, thrusting my hips upwards as John holds them down. Dale, all the while, is almost writhing in his seat, so much so I begin think he is going to erupt at any moment. He is breathing heavily, moaning with fear of coming. I softly whimper, feeling myself becoming all the more turned on. His mouth on my nipple, he sucks hard, thrusting into me without care. I encourage Dale to come, wanting to see how much seed he has built up from all the excitement.

I became more controlling and started doing a lot of those things he said he liked. Vibrators for him to compliment mine, whips, floggers, crops, candles, clamps, cock rings, cock cages; just about anything I thought he might desire. ” he asks, looking towards the direction of my voice. You only have your hearing to use right now,” I lick my lips. “If you want to, if you’ve liked it as much as you thought you would,” I state.

I even bought a leash, which I really like using on him. I was having better orgasms and a lot more fun sexually as well! It improved our marriage, sex and the overall health of our relationship. Cheers.” “Cheers.” Hanging up the phone, I turn the radio up. ” I ask, using my more dominant voice, letting him know how serious I am. I go over to him, placing a single kiss on his lips. As you wish.” I give him another quick kiss, before moving to the bed. Don’t you dare think of getting up,” I moan through the sensation of John sucking on my nipple, pressing his cock against my knickers. “Even without my vision, it was better than I thought it would ever be. Now, let me escort our company out and when we’re downstairs, you can take the blindfold off and meet me in bed. ” “Understood, baby.” I move to stand up, just as John finishes dressing. We move out of the bedroom, and I close the door as we head downstairs. ” I ask casually, as if it wasn’t something so taboo. You know me, I’ve been wanting to tap that arse of yours for years now,” John says, smacking my arse at the bottom of the stairs, by the door. I’m guessing you’re game to do this again sometime?

I, for one, had never considered myself as dominant. However, I wanted to make my husband feel as satisfied as I was in our marriage and in our bedroom.

I started to take the role of being the dominant one in our relationship.

My husband was a very dominant man when we first met. He sends me into a few more orgasms until I have to beg him to stop. He comes up, holding me close again, kissing me with his soaked face.

Now that we’ve found ourselves living comfortably with me as his Dom, we’ve decided to take it a step further. He whines, begging me to let him use the restroom so he can release some pressure. I grab my dressing gown and tie the draws loosely in a knot. His hands groping my arse, my butt cheeks showing perfectly from my knickers. I let my mind focus back on what John is doing to me. I begin to writhe and moan under him, shaking with a heady, lustful need. He inhales, breathing deeply as I take his hard prick into my mouth. I begin to suck on him, pulling him deeper into me. I’m not ready, please, don’t.” he whimpers, but I don’t let him. I want to edge him, to feel him hold back his orgasm as his cock is deep in my throat. I feel the head of his hard prick pushing against my pussy. You'll often find lots of bulls (single guys) in these rooms looking to find cuckold couples to meet right now, so if you're seeking some fun today, these are the easiest place to find some instant action.As a single guy, you'll find numerous couples and wives in the rooms looking to find bulls just like you that are able to meet at short notice and fuck their brians out.He already knows when to expect something juicy and new and he becomes quite excited when I’m wearing my dark nylons and pink knickers. It barely covers my arse, showing off the bottoms of my butt cheeks. He pulls one of my breasts free from my bra cup, sucking on my nipple, hard! I’m giving you what you’ve always wanted,” I moan out, feeling John sucking on my nipple just as hard. His large hands are all over me, touching me everywhere I've wanted him to for weeks now. John props my legs open, guiding himself between my legs, bathing my thighs in kisses. Though, I’d love to see what is going on, but just hearing it is fucking hot,” he whimpers, just as I take my knickers and hang them off his head. Sucking him further, my teeth graze along his flesh. I haven’t had another man’s cock inside me in over five years. I suck on him gently, milking him dry, making sure his balls are as empty as John’s. Whenever I dress in the morning, I make sure he notices what I’m wearing. My breasts, which are still covered by my bra, are on show. I yelp out, shaking and arching my hips towards him. When his mouth moves south, kissing along my stomach, he dips his tongue into my belly button. He takes my knickers and begins to pull them upwards, pressing hard against my swollen clit. This causes Dale to moan out, hearing me beg and plead with someone else to please me, his cock stiff as a steel rod. He hooks his thumbs on the elastic band before tugging them down my thighs and over my legs. He doesn’t make me wait very long before his tongue finds my clit. I sink my teeth a bit further down, which is what sends him over the edge. I lick the tip of his slit before standing, then I kiss him deeply. The excitement is such a turn on, I want to rush, but also not. When I’m satisfied they are, I suck him out of my mouth. This launch page will automatically detect mobile devices and launch a mobile-friendly interface once you click the small chat bubble presented.This is a massive update/change, so you are highly encouraged to read the FAQ/Instructions page first.Cuckold Husbands was built specifically to help you find the information and cuckold contacts you're looking for.We have thousands of adverts placed by both cucks and bulls from around the UK who are looking to arrange meetings for their mutual benefit.You are streaming Wife Fuck With Her Husband Cuckold Hot Swingers porn video from sex channel.Free Wife fuck with her husband Cuckold Hot Swingers sex movie was added from Fap Ulike together with more porno videos. , Cuckold, housewives, with, wife, Hot, fuck, husband porn on our biggest collection of free sex videos.


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