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Free sex no e mails

If recovery options don’t work for whatever reason, your only recourse is to use the customer service phone numbers or email addresses provided by that email service.For free email accounts, there usually is customer service.Yes, it’s possible that a key-logger was used to capture your password.

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The hacker can go to Facebook, enter your email address, and request a password reset. In fact, the hacker can now gain access to account associated with the hacked email account. In doing so, the hacker can hack and gain access to those accounts.

(There’s a strong argument for checking or changing the recovery information for these accounts, just as you checked for your email account, for all the same reasons.) If your email service provides an out-of-office or vacation-autoresponder feature, or some kind of automatic signature that appears at the bottom of every email you send, it’s possible people already know you’re hacked.

Hackers will often set an auto-responder in a hacked account to automatically reply with their spam.

This usually means the service will send password-reset instructions to an alternate email address that you do have access to, or send a text message to a mobile phone number that you set up previously.

If the recovery methods don’t work – because the hacker changed everything, or because you no longer have access to the old alternate email or phone – then you may be out of luck.


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