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All variants include a Scene Matching Area Correlator for terminal homing (GNPP image).

An Su-27K prototype performs a dry hookup during buddy refuelling trials using the UPAZ-1A Sakhalin series centreline refuelling store.

Centre: Primary optical aperture for beam director.

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Regional / Soviet / Russian Air Power Topics Soviet / Russian Guided Munition / Cruise Missile Topics Asia-Pacific-Indian Regional Guided Weapons [Index] Soviet / Russian Air Defence Systems and Weapons Topics The PLA-AF's new KJ-2000 AWACS is a modern three segment phased array design, clearly inspired by the Elta/Beriev A-50I AWACS, the latter based on the same surveillance radar bid for Australia's Wedgetail program (PLA-AF image).

Left: Almaz high power laser beam director optical turret mounted on a MAZ-7910 8 x 8 chassis, the turret is located on the turntable otherwise employed for the 30N6 radar.

Australia can no longer focus on South East Asia as its principal strategic concern within the region.

An intellectually rigorous policy must exist in relation to Australia’s relationship with China, and China’s future relationships across the region.


  1. The Air Power Australia Russian / Soviet Weapon Systems / Regional Proliferation of Russian Weapons index page provides easy access to an extensive collection of.

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