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Invalidating cookies

Although most policies cover malicious damage, insurance providers won’t cover you for deliberate damage caused by you or a family member insured under the policy.

That means should you lose your temper and throw something that dents a wall or breaks a window, then your insurance provider will most likely decide not to compensate you.

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If you’re making significant alterations to your home, you may need to consider whether the rebuild cost of your home has increased.

A claim for stolen tools could be invalidated unless there are signs of forced entry.

It’s also worth checking whether your policy has a monetary limit for theft from outbuildings.

These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'invalidate.' Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors.

Hello Dev Central Community, I want to ask you how I can re-initialize a cookie in order to clean the value in it, like: If i click on the logout URI my cookie "Cookie_Name" value will change to an empty value.


  1. Generally speaking, home insurance policies are invalidated by a provider after new. If your property is empty for 30 days or more, your policy might be invalidated and. Continuing to use this website gives consent to cookies being used.

  2. Jun 27, 2018. The salt stored in the session cookie by Devise relies on the password. So if you want to logout a user AND invalidate old session cookies you.

  3. This is actually not that uncommon a setup. Typically where an application uses stateless cookies, there's no way apart from timeout to.

  4. Aug 16, 2016. If the session variable and the cookie value ever don't match, then we have a potential fixation attack, and should invalidate the session, and.

  5. You can accomplish the same for multiple cookies by adding more "Set-Cookie" headers 1 header per cookie to invalidate. If the solution.

  6. Nov 10, 2017. Invalidate user session indicate to web server that the session is not. to track user session and also all cookies sent by web application, this.

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