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Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. I love singing along to all the stuff I grew up with. ZFM or QFM when the mood strikes I'm a surfer some days.~Missy~I mostly listen to cd's in the car, but I don't actually have a cd stereo built in the dash, I just plug my walkman into the cigerette lighter.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... But that drains the battery so I'm back to radio now.

Finally, the shift from an abstract definition of “risk” as a probability distribution to a role model of “honorable merchants” as a benchmark for significant individual decision-making with individual responsibilities for the uncertain future outcome provides a new framework to discuss the responsibilities in the financial industry.

The current discussion about a “risk culture” in financial services was triggered by the recent series of financial crises in the last decade, from the US subprime mortgage crisis to the lock-in trap of central banks in the aftermath of the sovereign debt crisis.

How is “risk culture” linked to corporate culture and/or organizational culture?

Moreover, how should “risk” be defined in the context of culture?

The current discussion about a “risk culture” in financial services was triggered by the recent series of financial crises.

The last decade saw a long list of hubris, misconduct and criminal activities by human beings on a single or even a collective basis in banks, in the industry or in the whole economy.

I move around the South alot for work anywhere between Poole and portsmouth and sometimes up as far as Cardiff.Typically, risk research in economics and in banking is focused on the mathematical aspects of calculating risk capital and refers to “risk” as the probability of loss multiplied by the amount of loss as introduced by Abraham de Moivre (1718) especially with an ex post probability distribution of measured loss events.The International Organization for Standardization (ISO 2018) defines risk as the “effect of uncertainty on objectives”, which is an ex ante point of view toward risk-based decision-making for an uncertain future. I listen to Jack, and they sent me to TO with 00.00 to see ACDC and some other dinosaur band....rollingrocks or sumpin like that. listen mostly to the BEAT but bounce aroundand you?The novelty of this paper will be an extension of this newer definition, as this paper will start with the historical development of a “risk culture” and understanding of risk as the challenge of (economic) decision-making with responsibility for (uncertain) future consequences.This includes the quite modern “normal wrongdoing” as a trend for not taking responsibility for major decisions taken within an ensemble of decision-makers.As a counter-reaction, financial authorities called for a guidance by a “new” risk culture in financial institutions based on a set of abstract, formal, and normative governance processes.While traditional risk research in economics and in banking was focused on the statistical aspects of risk as the probability of loss multiplied by the amount of loss, culture is a paraphrase for the behavior in collectives and dynamics of organization found in human societies.In his seminal book “Organizational Culture and Leadership”, Edgar H.Schein (1985) provided a long list of literature references with different definition of culture in an organization: observed behavioral regularities when people interact, group norms, espoused values, formal philosophy, rules of the game, climate, embedded skills, habits of thinking, mental models, and linguistic paradigms, shared meanings, “root metaphors” or integrating symbols, formal rituals and celebrations.


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