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How influential and significant was Her worship, and when had it actually begun?Though goddesses have been worshiped in all areas of the world, we will focus on the religion as it evolved in the Near and Middle East, the cradle of western civilization. He didn’t like doing chores or not being able to wank.”“You made him do things? Finally I bought a whip.”“Ah -““I’m not shamed of beating him. I take charge of all my relationships with men.”“I’m jealous.”“You just have to unlearn what society has taught you. When my hand wasn’t enough, I used one of his belts. Women who demand their due have the happiest lives.”“That sounds good. Let me show you how.”“But we fly back home tonight.”“Why don’t I visit you? Can you imagine his response when I walk through the door? Most cultures have myths that explain their origins. There are numerous accounts of the antagonistic attitudes of Judaism, Christianity and Islam toward the sacred artifacts of the religions that preceded them, especially in the case of the Goddess worshiped in Canaan (Palestine).Accounts of Sun Goddesses were found in the lands of Canaan, Anatolia, Arabia and Australia, among the Eskimos, the Japanese and the Khasis of India.Why do so many people educated in this century think of classical Greece as the first major culture when written language was in use and great cities built at least twenty-five centuries before that time?

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Most of the information and artifacts concerning the vast female religion, which flourished for thousands of years before the advent of the classical age of Greece, Judaism, Christianity, was dug out of the ground after the Second World War.

The development of the religion of the female deity in this area is intertwined with the earliest beginnings of religion so far discovered anywhere on earth.

The archaeological evidence for the existence of this ancient religion comes in the form of statues, murals, inscriptions, clay tablets and papyri that recorded events.

It has been archaeologically confirmed that the earliest law, government, medicine, agriculture, architecture, metallurgy, wheeled vehicles, ceramics, textiles and written language were initially developed in societies that worshipped the Goddess.

We may find ourselves wondering about the reasons for the lack of available information on societies who, for thousands of years, worshiped the ancient Creatress of the Universe.


  1. Goddess THE GREAT GODDESS. In prehistoric and early historic periods of human development, religions existed in which people revered their supreme creator as female.

  2. The descendants of Plioviverrops reached their peak 15 million years ago, with more than 30 species having been identified. Unlike most modern hyena species, which.

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