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HORGAN: No, we sit side by side like a pair of weirdos. I’d always worked closely with Vicky Jones [who directed the play]. WALLER-BRIDGE: I have an incredible director and director of photography, and we all felt ambitious from the start. I always knew that an essential part of the character is that she is desperate to give the impression she’s in control. HORGAN: I give myself false deadlines, and I give other people false deadlines, too. But there was that one day when you did it in 25 minutes, so for the rest of your life you’re like: It takes 25 minutes!

Our big feeling with season 3 was: What is it about? WALLER-BRIDGE: Do you and Rob designate scripts to one another? It takes years and years to get a shorthand with other people. HORGAN: His wife was sitting opposite from me, and she worked in wine. HORGAN: Here’s something I wanted to ask: What I think is so extraordinary about, apart from everything, is that it’s not wearing its stylish tone on its sleeve — it just has a look that feels so sophisticated. [] You know when you know that it takes half an hour to get to town on the tube?

Folks on Twitter were having fun watching the trailer and offering their first impressions.

Modoc County, California: The county was trending on Facebook as people mourned the death of Deputy Jack Hopkins.

We tried to get some questions in, but after EW asked about their first meeting, these two TV multitaskers were off to the races. SHARON HORGAN: It was very sad because we [at production company Merman] just missed the Phoebe boat.

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One comment, even one word can make you want to leave everything behind and become a jolly shepherd in New Zealand.

The third and final debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on Wednesday night quickly engulfed social media, and the heated showdown left a long trail of simmering memes and recaps.

Facebook and Twitter latched onto several phrases from the Republican candidate, even creating games out of his performance.

Both are currently highly in demand: Horgan is the creator of HBO’s a series for the BBC, and has a part in the latest from the Star Wars franchise, the untitled young Han Solo film, out next year.

Despite their busy schedules, they managed to squeeze in time to talk weird Hollywood parties, juggling projects, and deadlines.


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