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Patti stanger gay dating advice

She is a spendthrift, quite spoiled and vain, but is friendly, compassionate, caring, selfless, and generous.

She gets along well with most of her classmates no matter their financial status.

Marmaduke "Moose" Mason is a muscular, star athlete but is a poor student.At the same time, he is also kind, sensitive and helpful toward his closest friends.A buxom redhead often catching the eyes of the Riverdale boys, most well known for being the third love interest for Archie Andrews.Though they are ultimately good friends, he often taunts Archie and does not understand why girls prefer to date him.He is highly vain and conceited, thinks he can date anyone he wants, and expects everyone to think the world of him.He is extremely clumsy and accident-prone and many of his actions, however well-intentioned, inadvertently harm the people he tries to help, especially Mr. His love triangle between Betty and Veronica form the most common Archie stories.Betty is the kind-hearted, caring, talented, and intelligent girl next door.Kevin's sexuality is not presented as controversial or stereotypical in the comics, keeping with Archie Comics' image of accepting diversity and inclusion.Kevin is an aspiring journalist, with many hobbies including collecting comics and competitive eating.Initially a shy loner, he came out as one of the most popular students in school.He is a very talented athlete and enjoys cartooning for fun.


  1. Third-generation matchmaker Patti Stanger is back for a second season of Bravo's "The Millionaire Matchmaker," ready to take on the influx of millionaires.

  2. Comprehensive daily recaps for Days of our Lives, dating back to 1996.

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