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Saint vincent and the grenadines hot live web cam girls

If he actually went to see a dermatologist and not just speak to one via email/comments then he would know that.

He also self diagnosed a benign tumour on his spine.

But fact is, shocking death or death that feels closer to home hits people's emotions harder. Sidenote, makes me strangely happy that Onion had to sell ONE of his cars(boohoo)Sent from my i Phone using Tapatalk In Lainey's new vid their car has two car seats. He has so many channels with millions of subs yet he gets only 50-70k views on each video.

We're used to cancer and wars that are ongoing in the news, far away from out comfortable lives.

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All persons who appear in any visual depiction contained in this site were/are eighteen years of age or older at the time of the creation of such depictions.

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Also, he obviously puts the kid eggs in the videos on purpose. He's already said a bunch of times that he has a separate house for filming and stuff, so he's clearly putting the stuff in the back so people will talk. A thread on a different site nailed down that Lainey gave birth around October 12th, which is awful if it's true because there was all that trinity and cheating drama :/ I actually feel a little bad that she was either super pregnant or had just given birth when all the bullshit was going down If I have to hear about his skin "disease" again I'm going to crack. It's a pretty mild skin condition that can be sorted out with a few laser treatments and topical ointments.I mean, can you imagine being told you're dramatic and that you have no reason to be upset when you're probably hormonal? There was a whole ordeal when Billie's new beau mentioned that Onision had been sending Billie some emails, and Onision came on Lainey's livestream SCREAMING at people to give him links or some "faaacts".His fanbase consists of teenagers with limited access to credit cards, so they can't donate money to keep him afloat.Continue here So in Lainey's most recent video on their personal channel about them being nonbinary, they mention that they're breastfeeding so they can't bind.Are they still breastfeeding their first child, or is this proof that Greg and them had another child? In this screenshot I noticed there is a pink banner on the doorway that says "Claire" and 2 sizes of kids jackets on the walls.And I say this as a Mancunian with family injured in the attack last week. So for some reason his wife's videos were recommended to me, I clicked on one about divorce or something and it was just this dude talking over her the whole time. I completely lost it when he started slating people for tweeting sympathetically about tragic events, because they get more likes.That's exactly what him posting the Manchester video was intending to do. I mean yes, we should care about all death worldwide. Sidenote, makes me strangely happy that Onion had to sell ONE of his cars(boohoo)Sent from my i Phone using Tapatalk He's the scum of You Tube & a/c to his socialblade he's losing subs everyday. I seriously think he has major chronic mental problems. Lainey seems like she's always waiting for death whenever I see her in a video with Greg. I hope no one buys into his patreon BS & his YT career dies down asap.He's turning on people really fast, and today he attacked a girl who used to donate to his Patreon because she called him out on his use of the word 'retard'.Here is the video of him calling people cunts, calling Billie a stupid dumb bitch and stinky.


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