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In the 16th century BCE, a temple was built of mud bricks covered with smoothed white plaster.It consisted of three parts: an entrance hall, a main hall (heikhal), and an inner room (dvir).This strategic position in the fertile Beit She'an valley made it one of the major cities in the Land of Israel.Between 19, major archeological excavations were conducted on the ten acres of Tel Beit She'an (in Arabic: Tel el-Husn - "Hill of the Fortress").This town extended to the hill east of the tel and its residents lived in multi-roomed broadhouses.One of the buildings was a fine brick structure, roofed with reeds covered by plaster and included a large hall, its walls over one meter thick.This building was either a public storehouse or a granary; it was destroyed by fire, leaving burnt wooden beams and a large quantity of charred grain and pulses.High-quality pottery vessels decorated in black and red were found among local, inferior ware.

south of Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee), was of strategic importance because here the road from Jerusalem northwards met the road from the northern coast eastwards to Transjordan.Only a small Arab village existed there in later periods.Due to the limited area excavated, little is known about Beit She'an in its earliest periods.Excavations on the tel were renewed in 1983, and again between 1989-1996, uncovering more remains of the early cities.From the early 1980s until the present, large-scale excavations have been carried out in the city center of the Hellenistic and Roman-Byzantime periods.The first temple complex in Beit She'an was built during the reign of Thutmose III at the beginning of the 15th century BCE.It consisted of a large courtyard, in part surrounded by halls and rooms in which dozens of Egyptian pottery vessels, brought as ritual offerings, were found.In this temple a stone stele was found, depicting, in Egyptian style, figures standing opposite a seated god, probably the Canaanite god Mekal.The inscription on the stele states that it was dedicated by the Egyptian scribe Pa-re-em-heb to the memory of his father, Mem-ep.The temple was modified in the 14th century BCE to include a large courtyard with an altar.The temple itself, which consisted of a hall with an altar and an interior room with a small cell behind it, stood at the eastern side of the courtyard.


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