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They're also used to non-conventional, long-distance, non-serious relationships, unless they happen to find that one girl who makes them want to actually travel the world with someone.

It may be a challenge to attain that rare relationship goal, but then again, traveling solo has made me always opt for a challenge.

Let's just say I was meeting so few guys that I actually considered going back to the one who abused me. I almost feel like being on Tinder is just asking to meet an asshole, mostly because of the blatantly obvious stereotype of it being a "hook-up app," but I tried it anyway.

It Made Guys Appreciate the Wrong Things The few guys I did meet... I somehow got lucky, and met a very sweet 28 year old pediatric surgeon resident who didn't mind how much I traveled, because he was typically working anyway...

I won't try to be with someone I don't feel insanely passionate about, just like I won't settle for dealing with abuse from someone who I do.

Year-ago-me would have expected to be getting married by 29, and having a baby by 30, because that's what seemed to be expected by family and society.

it was like the perfect marriage I thought I always wanted, except we had nothing in common besides our undergrad Biology degrees and uncommon work schedules.

It Makes Me Not Settle The demise of the relationship that my mother is still probably mad at me about opened my eyes to a whole other aspect of dating; I won't settle.

So yes, I'd say my little solo traveling escapades has destroyed my dating life, but I mean it in the best way possible, here's why: Traveling Solo Expanded My Horizons After breaking up and traveling mostly solo to three continents in three weeks, year-ago-me learned a lot.

For starters, I learned that there is this massive thing called a planet that is filled with millions of people, and many of them aren't assholes!


  1. INTERNATIONAL DATING. The whole trip had a. Alexander, United States I would like to extend my most sincere gratitude to Dream Singles in general.

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