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It's traditional yet faddish, Asian in character but Western in disposition.Every neighborhood has multiple sing-along bars with non-canned music ranging from sitar/bongo duos to winner-types.Time your visit right and you can catch the annual migration of 1.5 million wildebeest, a squad so imposing it's known simply as The Herd, as in "look sire, The Herd is on the move." (Don't go, Mufasa!) Another major draw is Kilimanjaro, where you can walk/cry all the way to the summit of Africa's tallest mountain.Most everyone you interact with will speak your language, which is mildly embarrassing until you remember that you saw IRL?Tanzania has dozens of safari parks, including the world's largest (Selous Game Reserve) and its most famous one (Serengeti National Park).

Over-the-top friendly locals who speak impeccable English make Slovenia the stuff of road trip and hitchhiking dreams.Asking for directions might turn into 30 minutes of shooting the bull about attractions and Slovenian history, which might carry into drinks at the bar or even an invitation for a home-cooked meal.What Slovenia has to offer: The capital Ljubljana (which looks impossible to pronounce, but actually comes out rather naturally in a native English accent) is just a two-hour drive from Venice and about a four- to five-hour drive from Vienna, Budapest, and Split.Gritty and gonzo, it's their version of CBGB -- an everyone-aboard live-rock club -- with the distinct twist of being staffed by little people.-- How many people speak English: 59% What it's like as an English speaker: A tiny European country of 2 million strong, nearly squeezed off the continent and into the Adriatic by Croatia, Hungary, Austria, and Italy.Everything about the place feels like the end of the Earth, an otherworldly, largely hermetic kingdom as far removed from America as one could imagine.Yet a casual stroll down the street punctuates this hazy dreamscape with the realization that while you recognize almost nothing from home, pretty much everyone around you is speaking English.If you went to American public schools, you probably speak a second language about as well as you do algebra.Twangy Spanglish makes telenovelas more of a hoot, and menu-grade French makes Montreal even slinkier ( Ah, but there's the rub: English is the world's unofficial second language, with some estimates claiming that 1.5 billion people speak it.Tons of those folks are clustered in the usual roster of foreign lands -- the UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Jamaica, New Zealand, Oregon.Elsewhere, you may have to work harder to be understood, but you can always find people ready to meet you on your linguistic turf when you're on their soil.


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