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States mandating flu vaccine

However, since most who attempt this exemption on their own are turned down.

Schools will tell you--accurately as far as it goes--that they are under contract to provide vaccinated students for clinical training, and that there is no exemption.

The case was confirmed on appeal to the 9th Circuit in 2007. Therefore, vaccine mandates could have a significant impact on employee morale, a particularly bad thing in any patient-care setting!

Here are just a few of the many 2009 articles showing opposition to swine flu vaccines from healthcare professionals: College students doing clinical work in hospitals and other local heathcare facilities are being told that they are required to get shots, in addition to those required by state law for all college students.

So, it is unlikely that they will do anything based on a student's telling them that they have a legal right under federal employee-employer (Title VII) law. HOWEVER, very few schools and clinical facilities are aware of the application of Title VII to this specific situation. Your chances are best if you involve the assistance of a knowledgeable attorney.

Medical exemptions are probably acknowledged, but what qualifies is subject to debate, and schools are likely to apply strict standards.

In 2005, the Washington State Nurses Association won a federal court case against a hospital's mandatory flu shots for nurses. One weakness in the hospital's position was the lack of public policy favoring mandatory flu shots. WILL FORCED EMPLOYEE FLU SHOTS AFFECT EMPLOYEE MORALE?

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Brave Nurses Lose Jobs to Stand on Principle and Refuse Forced Vaccinations Another Healthcare Worker Tells Her Story of Losing Her Job of 17 Years for Refusing Flu Vaccination Now, a recent meta-analysis study just published this month by the CDC reveals that flu vaccinations among healthcare workers offer no evidence of protection to the patients under their care!

Predictably, the CDC still recommends flu shots for healthcare workers because “It’s the best intervention we currently have, so we need to keep using it while working toward a better flu vaccine.” So in other words, mandatory flu vaccinations of healthcare workers will continue, in spite of the lack of evidence that they work to protect patients.

These policies exceed employers' legal authority, but administrators may not be able to hear this from an employee, so workers in this situation may need the help of an attorney to successfully exercise an exemption. It can be critical, therefore, when requesting a religious exemption to vaccines in the workplace, to enlist the help of an experienced attorney beforehand, to avoid the legal pitfalls that have caused most employees' exemption requests to be rejected.

Unfortunately, this is a legal arena that does not follow "common sense" thinking.


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  2. States adopted the policy, and state statutes were amended as new vaccines were introduced.17. Mandatory Vaccinations Precedent and Current Laws The 29

  3. New York State is moving forward this year by saying, either you get a flu shot or you have to wear a mask at all times if you are around patients. That is the only other option if you do not get a flu shot. This will apply to all HCWs.

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