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Also, please obey all orders directed to you by administrators or moderators.Note: Overage and underage users are strictly prohibited and you will be banned and/or reported to the authorities. We are your #1 source for free chat rooms and blogs for older kids and teens. A place where they will be able to meet new friends in a friendly and safe environment.We also have an active forums and arcade for you to use.Enter the chat room below and participate by either registering using your email or logging in as a guest user to remain anonymous. Please do not forget that you have agreed to all the rules found on the main page prior to joining our chatrooms.Please take the time now to review them, if you have not done so.We are your #1 source for free chat for OLDER kids and younger teens.

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Stay tuned and check the blogs for more information.hey, i think that teenchat is pretty cool stuff, i've met some cool people on here, I like how there's different rooms that suite different people, n also how there are so many of them, the only things i don't like r the discriminators, like jeeze it don't matter if your black or white, we're all god's children, but anyways that's all i gotta say for now lol Teen chat is def the best free chat room site I have ever been on. I used to use it when I got bored, but it's become an addiction at this point! I meet a lot of awesome people here that are near my location or live in the same location!When I get bored and there is nothing else for me to do, I come here and meet new people, it is hilarious to see what some of these people will do. It's exciting, and it keeps me from being bored! I've never found another free chat room with this many cool people.There are some important online chat rules you must agree to first before proceeding. **This website will not be held responsible for any injury, harm, or criminal charges to users who do not abide by the above rules.If you follow the rules, you will be safe.** I Accept, Enter Chat Do you like our teen chat rooms?In real life, I'm pretty shy, but here I can just be myself and find people with similar interests. I have met so many great people on here I love this place!This is definitely the best chat site with the most variety. Come talk to me in Teen Shack or Canada chat, my name is x Broken Smilex! A private message will pop-up on their screen, while a "whisper", will show up in the room text but only be displayed the person you target.Teen Chat is a great way to meet new people and make friends. I have been coming to these chat rooms for 2 years now.Be sure to tell all your teenager friends, family and strangers about our site.Tweet, Like and " " us on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.


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