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Fans love to bromanticize the bonds within a professional sports team, often telling the stories of how true team chemistry isn’t constructed after hours of practice, but at random team-building events, like ‘going out for a drink with the guys’ or an annual Ping-Pong tournament.It is good to know that Witten is always there to go on a double date with Romo’s celebrity partner.However, Romo’s existence is analyzed from the armchair because he is ‘already successful’ as the quarterback of the most famous football team in the world. He also created the authentic content farm HIPSTER RUNOFF.Previously from Carles: The Los Angeles Celtic: Robbie Keane Joins Up with the Galaxy Does the Cover of Rolling Stone Mean Anything Anymore?

Has Texas’ need to create high school quarterback archetypes at every level transformed an affable, injury-prone, ‘heady’ athlete into its favorite cultural icon?That’s why those of us who live in Texas must think about the Dallas Cowboys as the state’s supercharged high school football team.The majority of high school quarterbacks ascend to alpha dog social status in their high school communities based on projected generic intangibles.As such, Tony Romo was destined to marry a female who unironically wore a pink Cowboys jersey with his name on the back.But like all high school quarterbacks, he had to go through the floozy and the ‘one who got away.’ When Romo was in his most public relationship, with Jessica Simpson (floozy), his play began to tail off, and Simpson somehow received the majority of the blame.Given that pedigree, it sort of made sense that his ‘one who got away’ girl was an American Idol winner, Carrie Underwood.When Romo started dating the rootsy and legit-blond Underwood, the state of Texas collectively sighed in relief. Romo was settling down with a nice girl, one who could ‘stand by her man.’ Similarly, Romo’s now-wife, Candice Crawford, a former pageant girl whose brother is ‘more famous’ than she is, probably embodies a balance between what Tony Romo thinks he deserves and what Cowboys fans want out of him.I’d still say Aaron Rodgers had the most hyped marination process, backing up Brett Favre for two years too long, but Romo’s story still plays.Texans love to root for the storyline of Romo, who embodies the spirit of the high school quarterback.A high school quarterback assembles a posse of teammates who can fit comfortably into his large SUV, driving off campus to get lunch while they talk about their excitement for ‘tonight’s big game.’ Texas football fans want to think that their teams get along off the field.It doesn’t matter that they are grown-ass professional athletes — Cowboys fans just want to imagine that being on their favorite football team is an extension of a nostalgic postgame trip to Pizza Hut.


  1. Romo, 32, and Crawford, 25, began dating in summer 2009, following his split with singer Jessica Simpson on the eve of her 29th birthday. The couple married last May and revealed they were expecting in October.

  2. After breaking up with American singer and actress Jessica Simpson, Tony Romo started dating the 2008 Miss Missouri USA Candice Crawford since the summer of 2009. Within less than a year of a dating relationship, the couple got engaged on December 16, 2010. After five months of engagement, Tony Romo married Candice Crawford on May 28,

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  4. Tony Romo The Ultimate High School Quarterback. The Cowboys' QB has become the professional version of the great Texas archetype. by Carles on September 15, 2011. A personal brand like Tony Romo’s

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