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Triathlon hidden cam

It’s only the weight and thickness that differs physically.

Meanwhile, here’s how thick they all are: From a wrist-size comparison, here’s what it looks like on my wrist, which his 17cm (or about 6.5 inches): And finally, let’s look at some weights: As you can see, it’s definitely pretty light.

Wanna understand every menu there is in one handy video?

No problem, just watch the below: Hopefully you found this review useful.

And finally, we’ve got the paper stuffs, a quick start guide in 84 languages and some warranty goodness: Overall it’s a pretty slim box – nice and clean.

Triathlon hidden cam-14Triathlon hidden cam-7

The good news here is that historically speaking we’ve actually seen better GPS accuracy with the Ambit series units that sport the bump than the Spartan series that have slimmed down.

I’ll send it back once I’m done with the review, as usual. First up you’ll notice it’s essentially the same box as the other Suunto Spartan watches.

You can hit up the links at the end of the post if you found this review useful. Do remember that this is one of a number of color choices for the Suunto Trainer, and thus your exact color scheme may differ.

Ignore the 19-word watch model name, the thing you need to know is that they took the full software of their high-end Suunto Spartan Sport series watch, and then shoved it in a smaller and lighter body, then halved the price.

Oh, and then they took an optical heart rate sensor and jammed that in there too just for giggles.


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