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In case that fails I will try to research the specific Broadcom chip and its drivers for windows.In my linux partition on the same mac I was able to run a command in the terminal ehich gave me the model number of my broadcom chip.Thus I figured that both my wifi and my screen issue were caused by the power settings being set to balanced.In advanced settings I set the charge/power settings while charging to the same as while on battery.

I looked for some windows 10 BCM4322 drivers online, but I only found Win7 and 8 ones.(The didn't run because my model was "not supported".) I am running Windows 10 Pro on a mid 2010 MBP, used Bootcamp 5.1.5722 to install all drivers. The specific version of bootcamp and the installationprocess I got from here were essential for me. Also, when my mac was plugged in and I booted it up the screen would first show up with the circular loading thing, but then be black.I noticed as soon as I unplugged it the screen was back to normal instantly.I checked the bootcamp installation bundle that I used to install all of the bootcamp and turns out that there was a windows 7 and a windows 8 dirver in it.I double clicked them and ran through the installation process, but the actual installation step was done in like less than a second, so I'm not too sure that it really installed. Hey guys I have a MBP 15" 6, and did the upgrade from within Windows 7 Bootcamp.I can boot from USB and get Windows to start the installation, but at 5% it stops and I get a PLC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION, forcing the computer to restart. Everything it's ok, i've followed all the parts correctly.. The problem is wifi connection.i plug the power cable to charge my Macbook pro 7,1 , the wifi turns on and off every 20 minute.. thank you I am also confirming the installation on a mid-2010 (13 inch) MBP.My Mac Book is stock exept I upgraded to a San Disk Ultra II SSD, but frimware is up to date. Part E, steps 4 and 5 (see note also) were essential to me. Here is step by step video: https://youtu.be/Q0OEpg-yb10 In the end it differs slightly from what I did as this guy doesn't have an "old MBP"...What I am planning on doing next is trying to reinstall the initial bootcamp broadcom driver...I think that an update that windows did since I installed it caused the wifi issue because I am under the impression that it worked fine in the beginning.I'm assuming you have the same one: BCM4322 (14e2b).Let's keep each other up to date with any progress, shall we? Today's news: I'm pretty sure that the Windows update released in these previous days cause this wifi issue.. By the way the issue is caused by a conflict of Windows, the lack of compatibility is not a problem of our 13inch 2010 Pros.


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