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Updating sql views from foxpro cursoradapter

Unfortunately, I have not found anything right on point and being new to this I was hoping for some input The structure of the sql table and foxpro table are the same.

I simply want to put the foxpro data into the sql table as easily as possible.

Do you load ALL customers ALL orders and ALL orderitems to display or print a certain order? In VFP you might have been used to opening all these tables and navigate to the specific data of one order, but that doesn't apply to an SQL Server database.

You can still use cursors instead of tables and reuse all the code you have to navigate to data, but you also only retrieve the portion of the data needed.

It includes a feature-complete cross platform implementation of the Visual Fox Pro scripting language and database engine.

However, I am running up against the 2gb limit and from a prior post it was suggested to use sqlexec() instead of table update.

The update command seems to go column by column and since there are a lot of columns, I would rather not do that unless I have to. Use foxprotablename SCATTER MEMVARsqlexec(connectionstring, 'insert into sqltablename from memvar')Thanks for any thoughts. What SQLEXEC() does is it sends a command to a back-end database, typically SQL Server, Oracle, My SQL or something similar.

The command is the second parameter (the INSERT command in your example).

Additionally, Python, PHP and Java Script are seamlessly integrated on top of the Lianja database engine, allowing you to build custom UI sections and custom UI gadgets in Visual Fox Pro, Java Script, PHP or Python and make full use of the power of this high performance database engine with local cursors and complete SQL and no SQL database support.

To facilitate the development of custom UI sections and gadgets, Lianja comes with a cross-platform, UI independent application framework called the Lianja UI Framework.


  1. One of the most exciting new features of Visual FoxPro 8 is the CursorAdapter. If you have used views or SQL Pass Through. and will also handle the updating.

  2. Visual FoxPro General. Or you can use a cursoradapter my preferance over views. - What would I enter in the SQL update.

  3. Lianja does not import a DBC's local and remote views. the CursorAdapter to execute the SQL SELECT locally. in Foxpro, many considered updating.

  4. Historically, I have used tableupdate to update foxpro data to sql. remote view cursors, sql passthrough generated cursors or cursoradapter.

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