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But these aspects of the presentation are immediately lost when presented on a worldwide stage.

Carr also showcases a bunch of stars from waaay, way back (Dorothy Lamour, Roy Rogers) on a makeshift Coconut Grove nightclub set.

There is a taped intro, with quick comic stylized skits showing all the different trades that go into making a film.

He tells us that the show will be seen in 91 countries and, for the first time, in the USSR, many of whose viewers must have been staring at the screen in shock.Unfortunately, we found there weren’t any.” [ columnist, outside the auditorium’s doors.He’s interviewing a young star with an unpleasant, squeaky voice. The idea is that she’s an actress trying to make it in Hollywood.Then there is Mac Farlane’s song “I Saw Your Boobs,” which is presented on tape after a video chat with William Shatner as Captain Kirk, ostensibly beamed in from the future.The song, in case it isn’t clear, mentions a lot of actresses who have done nude scenes in movies. Hey Seth: You saw Jodie Foster’s breasts in Hathaway gets the better reviews — and I know, I know, she’s an angel — but let me tell you, neither is very good.There’s a big double standard when it comes to nude scenes in film; it would have been a great opportunity to riff on that and cinema’s exploitation of women generally. Franco is simpering when he wasn’t distracted, and while Hathaway brings a bit of spirit, most of her lines are only half-funny.It is the longest four minutes in Oscars opening-monologue history.What follows is a ranking of those opening segments, from worst to best, with a lot of great jokes along the way. Bob Hope was of course an early Oscars favorite, hosting 18 shows.(Here’s Billy Crystal’s tribute to him at his death, in 2004.) Johnny Carson hosted five, in the late 1970s and early ’80s.Love made his way to Boston and evolved the “foot stomping street side blues” style he’s known for today. The joke that followed could only work at the Oscars: “If we’re stuck here tonight and run out of food, that’s the order in which we eat them.” We know one thing for sure about Sunday night’s 90th Academy Awards: Jimmy Kimmel will take the stage and, for eight or ten minutes, deliver a string of one-liners.


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