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That is why there is a strong preference for couples to be members of the parish community in which they are married.Before you contact your parish, you may want to look over its website for basic information and parish-specific policies about celebrating the sacrament of marriage.A little advance preparation will give you a better idea of what to expect as you work with the person at your parish responsible for coordinating weddings.When you call or visit your parish, explain that you are engaged to be married and ask to speak with the person who coordinates marriage preparation.Alternatively, you could just ask the parish staff what an appropriate amount would be.If you are truly unable to afford the fee, don't hesitate to approach your parish to ask for a waiver or reduction.

If one of you is not Catholic, proof of baptism will help to determine which version of the ought to be used (the rite follows a different order for marriage between a Catholic and someone who has not been baptized).Sometimes a higher fee is charged to people who are not members of the parish.Even if a fee is not specified, it is customary to offer a monetary gift. One way would be to consult the websites of parishes in your area to see whether they charge a fee, and make the gift to your parish a similar amount.In some places, though, the wedding date remains tentative until you have completed a marriage preparation program.Your parish will spend a considerable amount of time and money helping you prepare for your marriage.The interview is a time for you to get to know him, and vice versa.Besides some informal "getting to know you" questions, he will also ask some standard questions to determine whether there are any to your marriage—that is, an issue (such as a previous marriage) that must be resolved before you can be married in the Church.Parishes usually encourage either the bride or groom to be a registered member, although it is usually not required.Like any Catholic liturgy, the sacrament of marriage is a celebration of the whole faith community.He will also discuss with you any special circumstances (such as mental illness, lack of financial support, or pregnancy) that might require additional pastoral care, and possibly professional counseling. " as well as the links below for details on impediments to marriage and special circumstances.Once it has been determined that you are able to be married in the Church, you will probably be able to set a date for your wedding.


  1. We consider our church wedding to be the “real” wedding. have that exact situation they celebrate there legal marriage date not there church wedding

  2. I wish to apply for counseling only - someone else will perform wedding ceremony; I wish to do have both. On what date do you wish to be married? *; Desired.

  3. Whether you plan to get married in a couple of years or in just a few months. As far as possible, the church wants you to hold your wedding on a date that is.

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