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I decide to laugh at every ridiculous situation that I’ve been in or friends have been in. .”That’s just one of many sexist lines that a frustrated Heather Graham said she heard in real life and used as fodder for her new film, “Half Magic,” her first as a writer-director, in which she also stars.They don’t show her as a complicated, interesting, fully rounded person.”In real life, Ms. “I did bring some makeup, but I forgot to put it on.”Her newfound pleasure is comedy, particularly the work of Issa Rae, Frankie Shaw and Amy Schumer.“The comedians I like are the people who are very real, honest and raw. “I always think people are beautiful when they’re real.”She has not found celebrity easy. Graham said, citing an oft-told story about Marilyn Monroe walking down a street in New York with a friend, who watched in awe as she went from obscure to ogled in a nanosecond simply by “turning on” some internal electricity.“I still feel like I’m this nerdy person that’s a little bit shy,” she said, alluding to her teenage “geek” self, who grew up in Milwaukee, took Advanced Placement classes and longed to be “the pretty girl” who got attention from guys. We all have a natural sexuality that’s part of our physical being when we’re born.

Maybe you've settled for the wrong partner, keep falling for the same type of bad person, or can't find anyone to be with at brings a much needed dose of female independence (and hilarity) to our screens.Graham said, referring to the infamous sweatshop inferno that killed 145, many of them young immigrant women.However, “people kept telling me nobody cares about women’s stories.”Fed up, she wrote a humorous fictional script, incorporating witchcraft into its plot.Most are written by men, and men sometimes limit women.They want to put her into a box — the prostitute, the stripper, the porn star.On the other hand, your sexuality is judged in a negative way.”Ms.Graham knows this double bind intimately, having been cited on increasingly antique-seeming lists like People’s 50 Most Beautiful People and FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World.A romantic comedy released in theaters this weekend, it’s about a development assistant (a.k.a., “D-girl”) named Honey who is fed up with sexism in Hollywood.Her misogynist boyfriend and boss, an action star, is played by Chris D’Elia.I like how she felt like a loser and felt so unmotivated and unexcited and jaded and in the story. It was really strange how nonchalant she was about her boyfriend dying and how she made comments about how inconvenient it was to be single during the holiday season. I guess as a woman I was brought up with certain ideas about sex through religion: “You’re going to go to hell if you have sex out of marriage.” So even if you don’t believe that intellectually, how does that affect you in your life when you go into dating and how does that affect you as a person? In politics, what I want to see more represented is a female point of view. I do think a lot of stuff is written by men and it’s different -- they’re kind of male fantasies about those characters so it’s fun to do something that I felt like was from a female point of view and how women feel about their own sexuality. It’s called “Wetlands.” I did another movie with Robert Patrick called “The Last Rampage.” I got to wear a wig and glasses and look pretty unrecognizable -- that was fun.I do feel like she lets that go and lets herself get inspired and lets herself fall in love with someone new. I guess I just thought that she had a dark sense of humor and I guess I thought it was funny because I felt like she’s just one of those people who is off the beaten track, sort of, having odd quirky reactions to things and I like how weird she was, I guess. It’s empowering to women to just sort of find a way to feel really good about your sexuality when society gives you messages to the contrary. You’ve talked before about how as a feminist, you’re still happy to play “sexy” roles. But it’s fun to play out-there characters and someone outside of the norm, like someone who’s got interesting and dark story lines. He’s such a good director and I think recently, just writing and directing my own movies is super-inspiring.


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