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Who is stana katic dating 2016

helped to catapult the success of both the show and their individual careers.

The exploits of FBI special agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully became ever more interesting with another layer of romantic tension between them.

The crew did not find out about their breakup until the filming of the season 2 finale.

Though the two stars did not get the happy ending that their fictional counterparts did, fans found some joy in knowing the love between Serena and Dan transferred into real life, even if only briefly.

We're exploring some onscreen TV couples that found love and hate on their respective sets.

From walking down the aisle to walking off the set for goobed, here are 8 TV Couples Who Dated In Real Life (And 8 Who Despised Each Other).

On occasion, we become so engrossed in our love for two TV characters that we hope the actual stars become an item as well.

Eventually, the two stars resolved their issues and became close friends and colleagues. Her original role, the crush of Seth Cohen, soon expanded and she eventually became his girlfriend and wife in later seasons.

Although Summer took several seasons to realize her feelings for the lovable geek, Rachel Bilson fell for co-star Adam Brody in season 1.

Some long-time co-stars may develop a natural chemistry between them and eventually start dating or marry in real life.

For others, though, depicted as the perfect couple, their behind-the-scenes relationship may have soured considerably.


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