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Who is steve nash dating 2016

"I think there’s an old adage ‘every athlete dies twice’ and there really is a grieving that has to go on because you identify yourself as an athlete, you validate yourself as an athlete and even though I had other interests and thought I was a well-rounded person, I trained and pushed and pushed for years to get the most out of myself as an athlete that when that goes away no matter how many other interests you have, to not be able to push to be the best and to play at the highest level is a huge void to fill.

"I’m two years after retirement now and I’m starting to feel pretty balanced and secure but there are still days when you are a little sad, you miss it and you miss the fellas as well, you miss the competition and the banter in the locker room or the bus or the plane going on the road, all that stuff."So did training with us help a little? In some ways I’m out here and I’m like a little kid at Christmas, I’m with these guys who I live and die with every weekend."On the other hand, it feels so familiar to be out there in training, the banter, the boys smiling and laughing, it feels like home.

This time he's a recently retired basketball great.

With the team unable to depend on Nash playing night in and night out next season, the team has made moves to address a need in the backcourt.

The Lakers acquired 25-year-old point guard Jeremy Lin in a trade with the Houston Rockets and drafted Jordan Clarkson out of Missouri.

MIAMI BEACH — Lakers guard Steve Nash caused controversy this season in Los Angeles by his absence.

The sharpshooter was traded to the Lakers from Phoenix in 2012 after winning the league MVP title twice, but he basically vanished from the team soon after his arrival.


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