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Women dating in the 1920s

Some were the results of laws passed, many resulted from newly developed technologies, and all had to do with changing attitudes toward the place of women in society. Many women believed that it was their right and duty to take a serious part in politics.They recognized, too, that political decisions affected their daily lives.As a result of this attitude, wives seldom worked at outside jobs.However, some married women in desperate need took jobs in textile mills.By 1922 North Carolina was a leading manufacturing state, and the mills were hiring female floor workers.Cotton mills also employed a few nurses, teachers, and social workers to staff social and educational programs.At the same time, public acceptance of wage-earning jobs for young unmarried women was growing.No longer being limited to work as “mill girls” or domestics, these women began to perform clerical work in offices and retail work in shops and department stores.

Indoor plumbing brought water inside and introduced a new room to clean—the bathroom.Rural electrification did not reach many North Carolina homes until the 1940s.Urban women found that electricity and plumbing made housework different, and often easier, with electrically run vacuum cleaners, irons, and washing machines.Working for wages gave women independence, and by 1930 one in four women held a paying job.Despite increasing opportunities in employment and education, and the expanding concept of a “woman’s place,” marriage remained the goal of most young women.Women active in politics in 1929 still had little power, but they had begun the journey to actual political equality.With regard to education, North Carolina’s female high school students seldom expected to go to college.These mills did not hire black women, however, because of segregation.As a consequence, white millworkers often hired black women as domestic and child-care workers.The student newspaper headlined, “Women Not Wanted Here.” Few North Carolina women earned degrees during the 1920s.But times were changing, and each year more women earned college degrees.


  1. Did you know dating in America started in the 1920s? Yes, we have those fabulous flappers to thank for modern-day first dates, missed calls, and mixed signals. The first world war was over, and the action — and moonshine — was brewing in illicit night clubs. Small town girls and country boys.

  2. Dating in the 1920s Lipstick, Booze and the Origins of Slut-Shaming. By HowAboutWe. AP By Ariana Anthony for HowAboutWe. Call it Gatsby Fever if you like, but there's no stopping it these days -- from the lavish theme parties to the art deco weddings to themed dinner soirees, our interest in the Roaring '20s is reaching full-blown-obsession status.

  3. The 1920’s was the decade of all things NEW — a new kind of economy, fashion, thinking and a new modern woman. Gone were the corsets, elaborate long hair, layers of petticoats, as well as Victorian morality.

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